ageLOC® Vitality

ageLOC® Vitality


- Improves the three dimensions of vitality—physical vigor, mental acuity, and sexual drive—by promoting healthy Youth Gene Cluster (YGC) activity associated with youthful vitality


- Formulated to address the sources of age-related vitality loss, ageLOC Vitality contains a blend of safe and well studied fruit and phytonutrients and is suitable for all healthy adults


- Promotes optimal mitochondrial performance to help your cells produce energy more efficiently


- Not designed to provide a quick fix or boost, instead, ageLOC Vitality is formulated to raise and maintain a person’s baseline energy level for a long-term and sustained increase in overall vitality.

Press Release


Company Takes the Battle on Aging ‘Inside’ with ageLOC Vitality


PROVO, Utah—Oct. 6, 2010—Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:NUS) announces its first ageLOC nutritional product, ageLOC Vitality. The company is rolling out the product to top sales leaders this month at sold-out conventions in North America, Japan, Europe and the Pacific. As part of the pre-launch of the product, distributors in the United States, Canada and Japan had the opportunity to purchase ageLOC Vitality in September.


“With the blockbuster success of the ageLOC Transformation skin care system, we are continuing to build the ageLOC platform by taking the battle against aging ‘inside,’” said Truman Hunt, Nu Skin president and chief executive officer. “It is particularly encouraging to see our sales leaders responding so positively to ageLOC Vitality and the business opportunity it represents.”