Your TR90 Questions Answered

Your TR90 Questions Answered


ageLOC TR90 is an innovative weight management system designed to help people achieve their goals toward healthier body composition and image. The program focuses on body image and improving body composition rather than just decreasing the number on the scale. Following are some of the more common questions about TR90 from those finding success with the system:


When can I anticipate seeing results?


Results from clinical research suggest that TR90 users will observe positive changes within the first 15 days. Observed results may include clothes fitting better, decreases in body measurements and changes in silhouette. After the initial 15 days, results will continue, with the most sustainable results being moderate and steady. Remember, not all progress can be measured by the bathroom scale alone. Healthy body composition changes include loss of body fat while maintaining lean tissue (muscle).  The TR90 program is designed to provide a healthy overall weight loss of approximately ½ to 2 pounds per week.  Losing more than 2 pounds of body weight in a week often requires a caloric deficit so drastic that the body may end up losing more muscle than fat, which can ultimately be detrimental to sustained weight loss.  


If I don’t exercise can I still anticipate results?


TR90 participants are more likely to achieve desired results by following the entire TR90 program rather than picking and choosing individual parts of the system. The recommendations for physical activity are an integral part of the TR90 weight management system. Not only does regular exercise increase the number of calories burned in a day, it provides other benefits including muscle maintenance, blood sugar control and stress management – all important factors in managing weight and achieving the desired body composition results. Additionally, the physical activity guidelines in the TR90 program guide provide an optimal balance of aerobic and resistance exercise, important components of supporting metabolically active muscle and improving overall body figure. Consistent resistance exercise complements the eating plan to stimulate the expression of genes within muscle tissue, which is a key focus of the TR90 program. The program was designed to incorporate physical activity, and results will be significantly better if all aspects of the TR90 program are followed.


Why are we only taking Jumpstart for the first 15 days?


The initial phase of a weight loss effort is critical in providing motivation and preventing discouragement. After the first 15 days, TR90 Fit and TR90 Control, in conjunction with the TR90 TrimShake, Eating Plan, and physical activity recommendations, are sufficient to provide support throughout the remainder of the 90-day program. Pharmanex scientists formulated ageLOC Jumpstart to provide visible results to motivate users to continue for the full 90 days to maximize results.


Will my genes be reset to a leaner profile forever after using the TR90 system?


A variety of forces including poor lifestyle, insufficient exercise and unhealthy foods can negatively influence gene expression. The ageLOC TR90 program and products were designed to target genes associated with healthy body composition and to have a positive effect on how these genes are expressed. Once these changes have occurred, they can be maintained through lifestyle and nutritional choices. When an individual with an unhealthy body composition uses the TR90 program as directed, the gene expression adaptations will facilitate the changes necessary to obtain a healthy body composition. If at any time a previous ageLOC TR90 user feels he or she has slipped out of balance, a subsequent 90-day cycle on the full TR90 supplements and program is appropriate.


If someone has a medical condition can they use TR90?


The TR90 program was designed to help participants manage body composition and achieve a healthy weight. Individuals with medical conditions are always directed to consult their physician before using our nutritional products.  While a medical condition would not necessarily prevent someone from achieving results on the TR90 program, there are many factors of each specific condition that should be reviewed by a medical professional familiar with a patient’s condition and history.  Doctors will be required to come to their own conclusion of whether the ingredients within ageLOC TR90, along with the eating plan and physical activity, are appropriate for their patients. Nu Skin/Pharmanex does not assume liability for the physician’s recommendations. Concurrent use of ageLOC TR90 with prescription drugs has not been assessed.


I have been on TR90 for nearly a month, why am I not losing weight?


Body composition improvements are more encompassing than weight loss alone. Rather than focusing on the number on the scale, the TR90 program focuses on body composition: the proportion of body fat to lean muscle.  We are confident that TR90 users will experience long term benefits, even if initial benefits are not manifest in the form of immediate weight loss. Results from our human clinical trials suggest that most TR90 users will experience a visual improvement in body shape within the first 15 days of the program. However if change seems slow in coming, don’t give up. While results will definitely vary between users, the most sustainable results are moderate and steady. Drastic weight changes are rarely sustained and put stress on the body, both physically and psychologically. If after an extended amount of time no results are noticed, it may be helpful to examine how closely the program as a whole is being followed. Supplement usage, eating plan compliance and physical activity are all necessary to achieve optimal results with TR90. If any one aspect of the plan is neglected, it may have a negative effect on final results. Additionally, there are other factors that may be detrimental to weight loss including but not limited to inadequate sleep, dehydration, elevated stress, misinterpretation of recommended eating plan portion sizes, poor food choices or excessive alcohol consumption. Identify the areas that need improvement and continue with all components of the TR90 system to see if you achieve different results.

Dan Nelson

posted by Dan Nelson