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Skin Care

Nu Skin Epoch products with sustainable packaging
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Nu Skin’s Epoch Line Has A New Look with A Sustainable Twist

Nu Skin is the first beauty brand to use Eco-Pac, a sugarcane-based sustainable tube, in its refreshed Epoch® product line! Epoch, which is also celebrating its 25th anniversary, is enhancing Nu Skin’s commitment to better the environment.

What Makes Clean Beauty Clean?

“Clean” focuses on benefits from both natural and synthetic ingredients, yet it scrutinizes ingredient selections. Nu Skin was built upon scrutinizing ingredients and only using the best the industry had to offer. Opting away from inexpensive fillers and using skin beneficial ingredients in their place, we have also been grounded in science.

Nu Skin’s Skin Care Device Portfolio

Nu Skin’s portfolio boasts of different skin care device systems that are used with cosmetic formulations in the comfort of your own home. Each one of Nu Skin’s skin care devices offers a variety of benefits ranging from anti-aging and cleansing. Read more to find the perfect device for you!

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Experience Skin Renewal with ageLOC LumiSpa

ageLOC LumiSpa is a facial cleansing device that provides a revolutionary way to both cleanse and treat your face. This device will make your skin glow and feel smoother after just one use. Learn more about the LumiSpa system here.

5 Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin

When your skin looks good, you feel good and have more confidence. Read about 5 reasons your skin is lacking luster, looks tired, and how to return it to its glowing state!

Under Eye Skin Care

The skin under your eyes can start showing aging earlier than the rest of your body. Learn what causes common problems and how to improve them!