BLM Header

Like many of you, I have felt sadness, fear and anger as I watched video of a dying George Floyd calling out for help. Such racism, hatred and callous disregard for another has no place in our society. I hope and pray his family finds peace, and that our society can work together to make change happen.


I understand that my experiences are different from those who deal with daily prejudice, so for the last few days, I have tried my best to just listen and learn. One lesson learned is that we must take action to make sure Nu Skin is a place where everyone feels respected, included and safe. That is my commitment to you.


The topics of diversity and inclusion have been on my mind for some time now. A few months ago I appointed a global head of diversity and inclusion to help develop and execute a strategy focused on addressing these difficult issues head on and ensure that our company culture is free of discrimination, prejudice or intolerance. But she can’t do it alone…we need everyone's participation. Please take time to listen and learn from those who have different backgrounds from you. Share your ideas and experiences to help us be better.


Let me be clear. Hate, prejudice or discrimination will never be tolerated at Nu Skin. We are a global family made up of beautiful and talented people who live in nearly every corner of the globe. As we celebrate the successes and talents of each member of our Nu Skin family, we recognize the beauty and strength of each individual and the diversity of experiences we each contribute. We are stronger because of our diversity and better because of our differences. We are all together in this journey and will only truly succeed when we help others succeed as well.


That is the Nu Skin Way. Now let’s put it into action.


With love and hope,


Ritch Wood