The Dream Team: Nu Skin and LifeGen Developing World-Class, Innovative Products

together nu skin and lifegen merge innovative insights and powerful research


Nu Skin’s scientists are always exploring new methods of research and scientific approaches to provide innovative and effective products.  One important understanding occurred when they began asking questions like: What are the sources of aging? Can they be influenced by nutrition?  Our scientists examined the answers to these questions and began to focus on gene expression. 


Using Gene Expression to Examine Aging

LifeGen Technologies also identified the importance of examining a profile of gene expressions or patterns rather than identifying the changes of one gene with aging. LifeGen scientists were well published in prestigious journals and also accumulated intellectual property and patents. They used gene expression patterns which confirmed the hypothesis proposed by Nu Skin’s scientists. After two years of scientific collaboration, it was clear to each group of scientists that the strengths of both companies were magnified by the other. In 2011, LifeGen was officially acquired by Nu Skin Enterprises. Nu Skin combined its 20 years of experience examining anti-aging ingredients with LifeGen’s vast gene expression data bank.


Merging Innovative Insights and Powerful Research

This partnership provided important scientific insights. It also began a powerful research engine that could screen ingredients and make comparisons regarding their ability to modulate gene expression. This ability carried with it the potential to influence aging and weight management, areas of great interest to many individuals. Together Nu Skin and LifeGen developed and launched several innovative products including ageLOC Vitality, ageLOC R2, and ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System. As a result, Nu Skin now has the unique tools to explore, study, and develop novel nutrition solutions.


Nu Skin’s acquisition of LifeGen has reaped many new scientific insights, accelerating the discovery of unique combinations of ingredients with numerous benefits. The acquisition of LifeGen Technologies has enabled Nu Skin to study, identify and confirm these benefits as well as develop world-class innovative products. ■



Written by:

Steven M. Wood, RD, PhD

Global Research and Development