Making Dreams a Reality


Eight-year-old Selina, five-year-old Precious, and two-year-old Jason, along with their parents, Lawrensce and Laika, came to SAFI to learn modern farming and livestock skills. While their parents learned ways to become self-sufficient, the children went to school. One of the Kaponda family’s main goals was to build their family farming business so the children would have an opportunity to attend school when they returned home. Now that the family has returned to their home village of Khongoni, they have started implementing what they learned at SAFI. They are also teaching others in their village. The Kapondas are very grateful to the donors who have made their dreams a reality.


“We are thankful for the opportunity to learn and to receive an education,” said Laika Kaponda. “This opportunity to become independent will impact generations to come.”


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