Nu Skin North Asia Visits Malawi


Earlier this month, a group from Nu Skin North Asia, consisting of Team Elites, Nu Skin employees and journalists from Korea and Japan, spent five days in Malawi for a firsthand look at the impact the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, and the company’s Nourish the Children Initiative are having on the country and its people.


The group visited the VitaMeal production plant observing its operations and how it impacts Malawi community by providing VitaMeal to approximately 1,700 eagerly-waiting children. The plant that produces VitaMeal is also efficiently operated and provides jobs for local people. The Nu Skin group also visited a local orphanage that regularly receives VitaMeal donations. In the orphanage, the participants received a heartwarming welcome as the children performed songs they had written about VitaMeal.


“This trip was a great opportunity for us to see VitaMeal serving children as an important source of nutrients,” says an employee participating in the Malawi trip, “There are many more children who need nutritious food. We need more donations.”


What impressed the group at the School for Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) was the significant progress in training for agricultural technique. In October 2012, Nu Skin Japan kicked off the Brighter Future Initiative (BFI). In a visit to the BFI pilot program, during the trip, participants planted a rotation garden, and visited with government farm agents, and families participating in BFI. The visits to the project sites convinced the participants in the group that, as with the nature of Nu Skin business, anybody has the opportunity to create great results by making efforts and sharing the experience with people around them.


“We hope that BFI will play a significant role as an innovative program to expand the SAFI program more efficiently,” the local BFI leader says, “In order to expand SAFI technologies to many villages, we’ve started the BFI pilot program under the initiative of Nu Skin Japan, and many government-employed agricultural instructors expressed expectations for the project. Our goal in the next few years is to export the fruits and vegetables produced under the project to Japan as BFI-branded crops. I believe that this is a program that will make a significant change in the future of Malawi.”