Nu Skin ageLOC TR90 - Eat Right!

TR90 Meal

There are three integral components of ageLOC TR90: a set of three new dietary supplements, activity tips, and the focus for this article, the specially created eating plan.


The ageLOC TR90 eating plan focuses on helping users learn how to build a healthy meal that maximizes metabolic burn and satiety. While the details of the eating plan differ slightly from market to market, there are several core principles that really make this eating plan stand out.


The primary differentiating factor of the ageLOC TR90 eating plan is the emphasis on adequate intake of protein with each meal. Protein plays a signifi­cant role in supporting lean muscle, and the timing of when protein containing foods are consumed not only optimizes lean tissue support, but also positively affects satiety, thermogenesis, and blood glucose regulation. Most people consume the majority of their daily protein intake with the evening meal. Research indicates that by spreading protein consumption throughout the day, individuals can benefit from sustained protein to maintain muscle all day instead of only the evening hours. Protein’s abilities to support metabolically active lean tissue and promote satiety are particularly important for success when following a weight maintenance program.


Another differentiating factor of the ageLOC TR90 eating plan is that it utilizes hand sizes as a guide to food portion sizes. This system takes advantage of the fact that portion sizes for each individual should be proportional to their body size; a larger individual has a larger hand and should consume more calories to maintain lean muscle tissue and avoid hunger. Hand size portions have been carefully selected to determine portion sizes of protein from meat sources, protein from non-meat sources, grains, and fruits/vegetables.


In conjunction with these hand size portions, the ageLOC TR90 eating plan encourages individuals to stop thinking in terms of calories. The total number of calories necessary to bring about healthy weight management is different from person to person depending on their body frame/size. A large framed individual needs more calories than a small framed individual; the hand sizes in both circumstances will help to guide the appropriate amount of food for both large and small body frames. To avoid the complexity of determining the specific number of calories for each person, and to avoid the need for calorie-counting, Nu Skin scientists have developed the hand-size portions outlined in the ageLOC TR90 Program Guide.


The ageLOC TR90 weight management and body shaping system introduces a new and exciting opportunity to a leaner, healthier, and happier you.