A Path Worth Following

A Path Worth Following


The fire of entrepreneurship has always burned brightly in Iva Buriánková. And she has learned that there are no accidents when it comes to finding an entrepreneurial opportunity that can completely change the direction of your life—if you are willing to grasp that opportunity, set clear goals, and focus on making them a reality.


Tapping into her need to be an entrepreneur actually began when Iva was attending Charles University. While still a student, she worked at a chain of organic shops in Prague. She soon found, however, that working for a company stifled her independence.

Determined to be her own boss, she found a good location in the city and opened her own organic food store and online shop. In this venture, she distributed products and supplied restaurants in Prague. Although Iva was operating her own business, which helped to fuel her entrepreneurial spirit, she soon discovered she was “employing herself” more than she wanted. “I was experiencing all the joyless aspects of running a business that had high risk and responsibility,” she says. “I felt nothing in the area of personal development.”


Somewhat frustrated, she attended a Nu Skin presentation with an open mind. She was very impressed with the results the Galvanic Spa offered and “completely captivated” by the BioPhotonic Scanner. At the meeting, she met Marianna Horváthová, and Iva credits Marianna’s enthusiasm and energy for guiding her own journey with the company.


Iva enrolled as a distributor at the meeting and immediately began thinking of people she could talk to about Nu Skin, even though she was scheduled to leave for vacation in two days. Before she left, she contacted a banker friend, who enrolled with her sister while Iva was on vacation. Her friend and her sister have become two of Iva’s top leaders.


Although Iva initially continued to operate her organic food store, she always set aside time to work her Nu Skin business on a regular basis. At first, she held all of her meetings in the evenings, on weekends, or one afternoon a week when she did not have to be in the shop. She put much more time into her business once she became a Ruby Executive and saw the potential for growing success. Like many others, she encountered misunderstanding and closed-minded attitudes along the way, but Iva says such experiences taught her to be more patient and more understanding. She also tried to set a good example for her team. “I did what I said and I also showed others that this is the right path and is worth following,” she says. “I showed them that everything is possible and I emphasized their strong points.”


Living with Each Goal Every Step of the Way


Iva Buriánková at the 2014 Regional Convention Force for Good Gala


Iva believes that fulfilling goals requires discipline and a plan if she wants to succeed with Nu Skin. “When I set a goal for achieving a higher title, I lived with the idea of ‘every day at every step’,” she explains. “I reached the first titles with enthusiasm. I planned and had a strategy and clear vision.” She did not let bigger, more long-term goals get in the way of her strategy—she kept her focus on the immediate target. “I focused only on the given goal at the time of qualification,” she adds. “If some activities distracted me and those were not beneficial for me to achieve my goals, I put them off for some time. It has always been about setting the priority and focusing my mind on everyday activities [to reach that specific goal].”


While Iva is intent on building a successful business, she knows that the products and acquiring customers are also key to her overall success. “Enthusiasm for the products and having trust in them is the foundation of a satisfied customer and competent business partner,” she says. “I do not separate the products and the business.” She knows that once people have had a chance to look at Nu Skin’s high quality products and the business model, they are well positioned to choose how they would like to be involved with the company. And this approach has helped Iva grow her team and her customer base, as well as advance in rank.


The strength of her organization and how they move forward as a team is also important to Iva as she continues to add team members and customers. “Before I proceed to the next title, I always focus on the stability of the process—it has to be stable and longstanding,” she emphasizes. Nowadays, she says she sets goals that influence the growth of the entire group.


Real and Positive Changes that Happen Every Day


With determination and consistent effort, Iva saw her business steadily expand. “My life began to change, my lifestyle began to improve and interesting people started coming my way,” she says. “Without exaggeration, I can say that what I experienced with Nu Skin in three years, some people would not experience in 30 because they do not have an open mind for new opportunities in their lives and they are not willing to leave their comfort zone.” 


Iva’s life has indeed changed in many ways, thanks to Nu skin. “If I had to answer how Nu Skin has changed my life, dozens of papers would not be enough—maybe not even a book,” says Iva. “Nu Skin has brought such quality values into my life. It has opened the path to personal and social growth. I see so much sense in our daily work; we help people feel better and look better, and we help them to be more successful. It is real and it happens every day.” ■


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