A Powerful “Why” Can Overcome Problems and Fulfill Big Dreams

A Powerful “Why” Can Overcome Problems and Fulfill Big Dreams

Wang Jen Mei 1-1-1

Elegantly dressed and aglow with pride, Wang Jen Mei stood before nearly 6,000 business partners at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in July 2012 to be recognized for her most recent accomplishment—once again qualifying as a 4 Star Team Elite Platinum Executive. She had just returned from the Team Elite Trip to Paris, and her charisma and energy were evident to everyone in the room. For Wang Jen Mei, this newest achievement reinforced her belief that anyone who has a powerful “why” and works hard with integrity and passion can become a successful Nu Skin distributor. She knew this to be true because she had once been an unemployed housewife and mother faced with financial ruin.


Wang Jen Mei grew up rarely seeing her father, since he was forced to devote his time to running the family’s chemical raw materials business. The oldest of five children, she vowed never to marry a businessman because she knew the hardships involved with running a business. She married in her mid-twenties, and after the birth of her first child, she enjoyed her role as a housewife and mother. When she was expecting her second child, her life suddenly changed when her family’s financial situation suffered a serious blow, destroying her happiness and dreams for the future.


Wang Jen Mei was introduced to Nu Skin by a friend who suggested the business might provide her with a source of income. She attended a presentation and was impressed by the presenter’s joyful attitude and the financial success he was enjoying as a Nu Skin distributor. She couldn’t believe that someone could be so happy and passionate about his career after 10 years in the business—a situation very unlike what her father had experienced. For Wang Jen Mei, Nu Skin seemed to be the opportunity she needed to change her and her family’s difficult situation. Excited, she enrolled as a distributor, only to begin doubting herself due to her lack of social connections and money. However, she remembered a time when she tried to give her father money on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year. He gently refused it, telling her she needed money more than he did right then. She was ashamed, feeling as if she had not fulfilled her filial duties since she was causing her parents to worry about her. This memory inspired her to do well with her new business.


Her True Motivation


Wang Jen Mei’s children were her real motivators for building her business since she wanted to give them a happy and comfortable life filled with opportunities. She made a list of potential prospects and after 30 minutes could only come up with eight—four of whom were her siblings. She was afraid to call people in the beginning, but her “why” forced her to make those calls. She was very honest with those she approached, telling them she was a bit scared, needed their support, and how much she liked Nu Skin’s products and that she wanted to share her experience. People responded to her heartfelt message, and five of her eight prospects became part of her team. She was fully committed to her goals, and could often be seen riding her motorcycle with her 3-year-old son on the small front seat and Nu Skin products in the front basket. Sometimes, she took an early bus to Taichung or Hualien to meet with prospects. When it was too late to go back home, she stayed at her downline’s home. “I knew this was my best chance,” says Wang Jen Mei. “I had to grasp it.”


Seven months after joining Nu Skin, her daughter was born. Because she was devoted to building her Nu Skin business, she often had to leave her baby with others. It tortured her to leave home without her infant daughter, which motivated her to work even harder. “I have to be successful as soon as possible so that I will have time to be with my children,” she says she told herself in those early days. In fact, she credits her daughter with inspiring her to reach Team Elite Executive status when her daughter asked, “Mom, can you take me to travel around the world by achieving Team Elite?” She managed to fulfill her daughter’s request as well as become a Million Dollar Circle Member[i].

Wan Jen Mei 1-2-2

A Challenge She Could Not Refuse


Always driven by new goals, in 2010 Wang Jen Mei was encouraged by the company to reach Team Elite Platinum. It took her all of 10 minutes to accept the challenge, and she quickly spent a lot of time communicating with her organization to establish a positive atmosphere and to encourage them to join her in reaching this goal. She views her success in qualifying for company incentive trips to be a joyful way of motivating her team members to reach similar goals. Thanks to her hard work and her continued support for her team, in addition to reaching 4 Star Team Elite Platinum for two consecutive years, she has been able to help her business partners fulfill their dreams and improve the quality of life for their families.


Wang Jen Mei treats her business partners like members of her family. When a team member who is a single mother could not participate in evening home meetings because she had to work overtime, Wang Jen Mei got up early and held morning meetings. She never took a break and was never late for these 9 a.m. meetings, which she held three days a week. Thanks to her diligence, participation grew to over 50, and her team’s volumes also increased significantly.


Wang Jen Mei’s early struggles as a young mother who worked hard to build her business has helped transform her into a passionate and influential leader. Today, her goals have changed—now she wants to help people in need. And after 20 years with Nu Skin, Wang Jen Mei says the happiest thing about her life is providing the same opportunity to others as she had many years ago. Through leading by example, she lets everyone know that when dreams align with determination, nothing is impossible. Thanks to her constant encouragement and support, her business partners have achieved impressive results, a fact that is a great source of pride for Wang Jen Mei. “The power of dreams brings a sense of happiness,” she says. And it is this belief that keeps her constantly moving forward with unbridled passion.


[i] Million Dollar Circle Members are distributors who have earned over one-million dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. In 2012 the average commission paid to U.S. Active Distributors was $133.92 monthly ($1,607.04 annualized).  In 2012 the average percentage of Active Distributors that earned commissions at the highest level (Blue Diamond) was 0.15 percent. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For a complete summary of distributor compensation paid at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or visithttps://www.nuskin.com/content/dam/global/library/pdf/distearnings.pdf online.