A Strong Belief System and Clear Goals Set the Stage for Success

A Strong Belief System and Clear Goals Set the Stage for Success

The Success Formula Nu Skin has created has helped many distributors build highly successful businesses. Mikael Linder, President of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, knows that it often takes a combination of success drivers, along with hard work, for people to change their lives as they grow a strong organization.


Nu Skin itself has changed a great deal over the years, and new distributors today are blessed with a sound infrastructure, experienced management, proven training materials and a wide array of high quality products that are easy to order and receive—wherever in the world Nu Skin does business. In the company’s early days, however, individuals who saw the potential in Nu Skin’s business model and believed in the quality of the products did not have all of these tools available to them. These Nu Skin “pioneers” often had to build their organizations by primarily relying on a strong belief system and by setting and staying focused on clear goals.


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One pioneering couple stands out in Mikael’s mind. “This couple more or less established Nu Skin in Europe,” he says. “They just had to trust a person who came over from the United States who said ‘Everything is ok.’” The first step for this couple was to believe that the company and the products were as good as others said they were. And although confident in the power of this new opportunity and product line, they also minimized their risk. The couple decided that initially the husband would be the one who shared Nu Skin with others, and the wife would keep her full-time position that she held at the time.


Clear Goals Drove Their Growth


Their goal was for the husband to eventually earn enough in Nu Skin commissions to permit both of them to devote their full-time efforts toward building the business. With this first goal clearly in mind, the couple felt comfortable pursuing their ultimate goal of creating a large and successful Nu Skin organization throughout Europe. “I would say this is an amazing success story because this couple dared to take a step to do this, they set their goals and then actually were able to achieve exactly what they expected … probably over what they expected,” says Mikael.


To share Nu Skin with others, the husband transported the products to different parts of Europe in the trunk of his car.  He worked during the day doing presentations, and at night he met with more people wherever he could and sent out products so he could promote the Nu Skin brand. Because Nu Skin had not yet evolved into its current international stature, the man was on his own when it came to convincing people the company offered a rewarding opportunity as well as products that offered real results. Through this combination of an unwavering belief in both the business and the products and by setting and meeting very clear goals, this couple created an organization of distributors and customers that has grown into a large and highly successful market today.


                    “Their belief got stronger as they moved forward and upward and 
                    began to see the people they had introduced to Nu Skin develop as 
                    leaders themselves.”
                                 —Mikael Linder, President of Europe, the Middle East and Africa



Mikael Linder joined Nu Skin as Nordic General Manager in 2001 and was promoted to President of the European Region in March 2006. Since then, the region has expanded to cover Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and it now covers more than half of Nu Skin’s geographical markets.