A Fighting Spirit Fueled by a Strong Belief System

A Fighting Spirit Fueled by a Strong Belief System

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Mao Chun Hua knows that success requires determination, doing your best as you take consistent action that drives you toward your goals, and a firm belief that you can fulfill your dreams. As a highly self-disciplined professional who had been very successful prior to joining Nu Skin, Mao Chun Hua knew she had to push herself hard every day to obtain the success she envisioned as a Nu Skin leader. Her belief in her ability to reach her goals played an important role in guiding her as she traveled her path to a more rewarding life.


Mao Chun Hua heard about Nu Skin when a friend told her about its products and business model. She then learned all she could about the company and discovered that she could help many people be successful. This concept really resonated with her. Although she earned a high salary in her job, Mao Chun Hua wanted the independence she felt Nu Skin could give her as an accomplished sales leader. In 2003, she left her very respected position and began her Nu Skin journey in Shanghai to develop her career, despite objections voiced by her family and friends.

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A Deep Sense of Responsibility


2005 was a busy year for Mao Chun Hua. “I was always too busy to eat anything,” she says. Because she believed in her ability to meet her goals, she never stopped pushing herself. This “fighting spirit” is still very much a part of her today. She feels a deep sense of responsibility to those who have joined her in the business, and she now focuses on helping more people achieve their dreams.


With a strong belief that you must help others succeed before you can be successful, Mao Chun Hua makes Nu Skin’s force for good culture a big part of her life. When one of her customers faced a financial crisis and could not afford to send his child to Beijing University, Mao Chun Hua helped by personally contributing toward his child’s tuition. “I said to him, ‘Nu Skin has taught me to be a good person and to lend a hand to those in need of help,’” says Mao Chun Hua. This act on her part convinced her customer to become a Nu Skin sales representative so he could also serve as a force for good.


Although Mao Chun Hua has fulfilled many of her dreams, she continues to work hard on her Nu Skin career. She knows her belief in her ability to be successful helped to get her where she is today. She also feels that her biggest accomplishments are helping others reach their visions of success. “My mission is to try to do my best to help more people achieve their dreams,” she says.


[i] Honorary Executive Director is a unique title to Greater China, recognizing people who have donated at least Rmb100,000 yearly to the Nu Skin Greater China Children Heart Fund, one of the Force for Good projects in Greater China.