3 Simple Steps to Be More Productive

3 Simple Steps to Be More Productive

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In a world where distractions increasingly creep into our lives, it has become more difficult to be productive and focus on the task or tasks at hand. Here are three tips to help you stay focused and become more productive.


1.       Prioritize your task list by time duration. Many people prioritize their task lists by importance, but have you ever prioritized your list by the amount of time it would take to complete each task? Many times a difficult task may take a whole day or several days to complete. Difficult tasks take up a large amount of time leaving little or no time to complete anything else. Try estimating how long each task could take to complete and write the time next to your task. When you have a free moment in your day see which tasks you can complete within that time frame. You may be able to complete four 30 minute tasks spread throughout your day and leave the large chunks of time for the larger tasks.


2.       Eliminate distractions. Shut your door or use a “Do not disturb” or “On deadline” sign to eliminate distractions from others. Get rid of digital distractions by turning off the TV, closing your email and setting your phone on airplane mode. By focusing on the task at hand you may be able to accomplish difficult tasks much sooner.


3.       Get comfortable.  People tend to focus on tasks differently. Find what helps you focus. Maybe it is with music, or in silence. Some people are productive while dressed in pajamas, while others need to be dressed up. Find out also where you are most productive. Is it in the office, at home or at a local coffee shop?


What are your tips or tricks to being productive?