Defining Real Success

Defining Real Success


Ask a dozen people why they decided to become a Nu Skin distributor, and you will probably get 12 different answers.  That’s because everyone has his or her own specific dream and vision of success.  However, Nu Skin cofounder Blake Roney believes there are some key elements of success that all distributors should keep in mind as they begin building their businesses.


First, Blake is a big proponent of imitating someone you truly admire—an individual whose life and actions really resonate with you. “You have to look around for role models, and figure out who seems to be living the life you want to live,” he says.  “And then you just start doing everything the way that person would do it,” he says.  “So, self-development to me is picking who you want to be, and then acting like that person now, not hoping to become that person.  Over time, you become the person you want to be.”


While you’re working on becoming the person you envision becoming, Blake advises that distributors make sure they’re having fun as they build their businesses.  “Our most successful distributors enjoy themselves almost every minute,” he says.  “The things that most people view as really difficult, these people have adjusted in such a way so that these tasks fit with their personality and in the way they work.”  Blake not only talks about the importance of having fun, he lives it.  Every Halloween he and the other founders and executives don zany costumes (and encourage employees to do the same), and he’s even appeared on stage at the global convention in Salt Lake City dressed as a sumo wrestler.  He wholeheartedly believes those who achieve their goals tackle even tough challenges with a positive mind-set.  “[Successful distributors] don’t wake up and say, ‘Oh, I don’t know how much longer I can do this!’  They wake up and say, ‘My job’s fun!  I do hard work, but I find a way to make it fun.’”


Creating Balance and Never Sacrificing Your Values


Blake also feels balance is another key to success in any endeavor, especially when it comes to building a rewarding Nu Skin business.  “Successful people are people who can design their life in such a way that they’re enjoying themselves as they go,” he states.  “They have some level of balance.  Rather than sacrificing their family, they’re building their family.”


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Hand in hand with balance comes never sacrificing your personal values for success. “If you trade any of your values or any other valuable element in life for success, you’re making a tragic mistake,” Blake says.  Over the years, Blake has observed lots of people build successful Nu Skin businesses—an experience he says is a good education for evaluating the different kinds of success people have created.  “People who have sacrificed everything for financial success and ‘arrived,’ so to speak, have arrived at a miserable place.”  People who have remained true to their personal values and family relationships end up with a different experience, according to Blake.  “The success they enjoy is so much more delicious and wonderful than the sad success we see in [those who sacrificed everything].”


For Blake, true success comes when your work matches your values and your passion—and when you’re really enjoying what you’re doing every day.  If your efforts don’t contribute to what is important to you, Blake believes you’ll be traveling a dead-end course.  “You’re going to fail or just be miserable, one of the two,” he says.  “Your passion has to come from your values.  You have to figure out what’s really important to you in life.  And then pack that into the business.” As far as Blake’s concerned, if you don’t, you won’t have the drive to push beyond the mark and make it to the finish line.


          “If you’re just working for money and that doesn’t happen to be the thing that’s
           most important to you in the world, and I hope it isn’t, you’re not going to have
           the success you need.”
                                                  —Blake M. Roney, cofounder, Nu Skin Enterprises


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