Do It Better: Networking

Do It Better: Networking


Networking is an integral part of any business. This is particularly true in the direct selling industry where utilizing your connections is paramount. Here are five ways to network better:


Create meaningful connections. Even with those who may not benefit you right away. You never know who, down the line will be a valuable connection. The way we connect is changing. What was once thought of six degrees of separation has now decreased to four with the use of social media1. Make sure to get to know – really know – people.


Be a resource. Ask, “What can I do to help this person?” Creating meaningful connections takes work. Don’t let a sales pitch be your first interaction. Find out more about who you are talking to, and determine how you can help them. You might provide them with a valuable resource, or connection to help them in their business. Do this, and instead of having to approach others, others will approach you.


Do what works best. If you attend large networking meetings, but big groups are not your thing, you are at the wrong place. Some people are more comfortable talking to individuals at the grocery store, in their own homes or along the street. Find what you are most comfortable with and do it. You will come off more relaxed and the conversation will be less forced.


Focus. Seek out those connections that are reciprocating. If someone is not interested, you’ll be able to tell. Constantly trying to connect with them will frustrate you, and annoy them. Don’t spend valuable time on someone who either is not ready, or does not see value in the connection. Focus your time on those who value your connection as much as you do.


Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Networking is only worthwhile if you follow up. Keep in contact with those you meet, and continue to foster those connections. Send them a friendly note or email. To read tips on following up, check out our article on The Source: Following Up: A Crucial Key to Networking. 


Let’s talk about it: What tips do you have to network better?