Generate Great Ideas

Generate Great Ideas


Many great ideas happen spontaneously, occurring when and where you least expect it. But you can also train your mind to be more creative. Here are five ways recommended by to help you generate great ideas.


1. Observe and analyze. A great idea may come from experiencing something new or different. Give yourself specific times where you can visit a new place or check out new scenery. Seeing things from a different angle may open up insights to things you may not normally or commonly have seen before.


2. Expand your circle of friends. Socializing with the same people prevents you from thinking outside the box. Converse with people who are outside your circle of friends, and it will help spark conversation that may lead to new ideas. Seeing things from someone else’s perspective leads to new ways of thinking.


3. Read more books. There is much to learn from both fiction and non-fiction books.  Reading frequently will keep your brain engaged and open to new ideas. Vary the types of books you read to keep ideas flowing.


4. Randomly surf the web. Surfing the web helps you gather ideas from those not only physically around you but from around the globe. Seeing what is happening half way around the world might help you with a solution in your back yard.


5. Clear your thoughts. Find a time to meditate and clear your brain from everyday thoughts which may clutter idea creation. Clear your thoughts  so your brain is able to foster new ideas. Allow your brain to wander from thought to thought, and try not to focus on the task at hand.


Implementing these steps may take some work and patience. But by doing so, you’ll foster a great atmosphere for generating new ideas.