Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full: Fostering a Positive Attitude

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full: Fostering a Positive Attitude


Are you an optimist or a pessimist? How you look at different situations can shape your reactions, and affect your life satisfaction. Research has shown that positive attitudes can have great benefits, including better health, longevity, job success, and higher scores on achievement tests1. Having a positive attitude can also help get you through rough patches, and provide a boost to keep you riding on cloud nine. Here are five suggestions to help you develop a positive attitude:


  1. Tune out your critics. As we learn from The Success Formula, “Attitudes are contagious, and negative attitudes can destroy your dreams.” Align yourself with people who will support you in a positive way. Being positive leads to more positivity.
  2. Keep a positive-thought warehouse. Spend some time each day reading something positive, uplifting or motivational. Jot down quotes you like and save them in a place that so that you can read them often. During those rough patches, you can refer back to your notes to provide a quick “pick-me-up.”*
  3. Use a positive vocabulary. How you speak influences your thoughts. In order to have a positive attitude, make sure your speech is consistently positive. For example, when someone asks how you are doing, try responding with “Terrific!” or “Awesome!” And mean it.
  4. Keep a positive outlook. You can choose to view any situation positively. Choose to see every situation as a “glass half full.” If you didn’t reach a goal, think of it as a learning process, or an opportunity to get it right the next time – practice makes perfect.




5.  Control your attitude. You decide whether to be positive or negative. Your situation doesn’t determine how you react. Be a master of your attitude by choosing to stay positive.


*Stay positive with articles and quotes on The Success Formula (