Power in Perseverance

Power in Perseverance


The ability to push through times of difficulty and progress towards your goals is a commonly sought after trait. While perseverance is a quality many admire, the development of this trait requires continued effort and commitment to your objectives and personal beliefs. Through struggle comes success. As you power through difficulty, stressful circumstances, tight deadlines, and a demanding list of responsibilities, maintaining a goal-oriented and focused mindset will help transform your goal into a reality.


To further develop and strengthen your level of perseverance, try implementing some of the following tips:

Cultivate a Belief in Your Convictions

To obtain the level of conviction necessary to persevere, establish your own personal mission. Reflect on past success and draw from positive experiences. What driving force has compelled you to withstand adversity? Often, this driving force is deeply rooted in core values and beliefs. Identify the values that have contributed to who you are and empowered you to achieve your goals in the past. Having a firm belief in what you are doing, what you are working towards, and your ability to succeed will give you the power to persevere.  As you deepen your belief in your mission, you will strengthen your ability to recover from setbacks and move forward when that mission is put to the test.

Pace Yourself

It can be tempting to get swept up in eagerness and enthusiasm as you embark on the path toward a new goal. However, overlooking the need to pace yourself can have a detrimental effect on your ability to persevere. Most every worthwhile objective is reached by continual and consistent effort.  Resist the temptation to become distracted or discouraged by bumps in the road. It can also be alluring to track your progress against the achievements of others. While a level of competition can be healthy, be careful not to allow comparison to slow you down or shake your confidence. Try not to get so caught up in the success of others that you forget your objective and purpose.  Your goals should be firmly rooted in value-based motives. If you find that you are easily swayed by others, reevaluate your goal. Remember that as long as you try your best, you cannot fail. As you pace yourself and celebrate your achievements incrementally, you will be motivated to continue your hard work.

Learn to adapt

No matter how well you have developed your plan and strategy for success, it is always best to be prepared for the unexpected. It is not possible to anticipate every setback that could arise along the way. However, what you can control is ability to adopt a flexible attitude.  Planning for the unexpected means not allowing difficulties to completely derail your efforts. Imagine you are on a road trip to a distant location. You have mapped out the course necessary to reach your destination and embark on your trip. Along the way you take a wrong turn, and travel quite a ways down the wrong path before realizing your mistake. When you realize you are off course, what is your immediate reaction? Do you give up on the trip and go back home? To truly persevere you must pick up from where you are and continue onward. Get back on course as quickly as possible to reach your desired goal.


As you cultivate a belief in your mission, pace yourself, and adapt to the unexpected, you will be able to develop a strong sense of perseverance enabling you to achieve success. ■