Searching for a New Solution

Searching for a New Solution


Jing Yan was a very busy woman operating a fast food restaurant with her husband, Pan Guo Qing. Although the restaurant was doing well, Jing Yan had little time for herself or her family, especially her son. “I spent much time managing the restaurant and my brain was occupied all day long with ideas of how to make more money,” she recalls.  She was driven to make as much money as possible because she grew up quite poor in a small village in the northern Shaanxi province. She left home at age 19 and traveled to Xi’an to try her luck at working in a large city. She worked as a shop assistant, sold clothes in a stall, and also opened a beauty salon before opening the restaurant with her husband. But even as she and Pan Guo Qing began to earn a good income, she worried about her family’s future. She worked nonstop—even on holidays—to make sure her son would not be faced with the poverty she endured as a child. “I was physically and mentally exhausted,” she adds. “I was searching for a solution to get out of that situation.”


As so often happens with Nu Skin, Jing Yan discovered the company through the products. By chance, she was introduced to the skin care products and tried them to see if they would improve a troubling, long-time skin issue. She was pleased with the results, and her friends and restaurant customers also noticed a difference. She enthusiastically began sharing the products with those who asked what she had been using to improve her appearance. “Day by day, my role changed from a product user to a product seller,” she says. As a businesswoman, it didn’t take long for her to realize the potential Nu Skin offered as a career. Not only could she have great skin, but she could also have a way to fulfill her dream of creating time and financial freedom. Soon she was telling everyone she met about Nu Skin. Then she began attending Nu Skin events and learned about the company’s force for good culture. Her confidence grew and she knew Nu Skin was the platform that could enable her and Pan Guo Qing to change their lives and the lives of their family.


A Natural Evolution from Customer to Leader


Jing Yan says her evolution from customer to Nu Skin leader happened very naturally, since she had a strong belief in the results the products offered. From her past business experience, she could tell Nu Skin’s opportunity was ideal for someone like her who wanted more time freedom. She began sharing the products wholeheartedly with everyone she encountered, telling them how Nu Skin had benefited her and her family on many levels. In addition, she began to realize she and Pan Guo Qing were improving their relationships with others because they were becoming more understanding and tolerant. With strong confidence and belief, they grew their team. “As long as you persist, keep expanding your knowledge about Nu Skin, and maintain your belief in the company 100 percent, you will attract and inspire many like-minded people [who want to join your team],” she says.


I Just Worked Harder and Longer than Others


Although Jing Yan eventually gained the confidence she needed to grow her team, she had doubts when she got started. She initially worried about her lack of education, but eventually she realized that the amount of education a person has is not what defines success with Nu Skin—it is a strong belief system and taking consistent action. “I just kept working hard toward my goals,” she says. “When others were taking a rest, I was working. I just worked harder and longer than others.” With this experience, Jing Yan learned that if you work hard every day and don’t quit, others will notice you and follow you. “Your persistence will also inspire those who may even be more outstanding than you,” she adds. “The ultimate result is everyone has the ability to bring out his or her very best.”


Today Jing Yan and Pan Guo Qing have the time and financial freedom they initially sought, along with another reward: “The biggest benefit we have gained is not money, but the ability to assist those who are in need of help through Nu Skin’s platform,” the couple says. “Through our own success, we have shown others the feasibility of the Nu Skin opportunity.”