Share Great Success with Others

Share Great Success with Others

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So Hyun Eom got acquainted with Nu Skin when she became a customer. She was impressed with the results she received from Nu Skin’s Face Lift and 180° products. Although she loved the products, she knew little about the company and its business model. She asked her brother, who worked for a leading global financial firm in the United States, if he could tell her if Nu Skin was a reputable company. He said, "That is a good one; I think you can bet on that company.” With that endorsement, she wasted no time signing up to be a distributor.


Repeating positive phrases every day has played a pivotal role in Mrs. Eom’s success. She tells herself things like “I can only succeed,” “Take a chance,” “Go for it,” or “Do it until you are satisfied,” to keep herself motivated. She was convinced she could reach her goals since the company had so many outstanding products and such a positive work environment.

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Creating a Blueprint for the Future


Mrs. Eom shares this confident, positive approach with her team as she helps them build their own businesses. They have a group meeting once a month, and they also focus on one-on-one presentations. She lets her team members know that she trusts them as she helps them to imagine the futures they want to create for themselves and their families. “I have them imagine standing on a stage and participating in the success trip,” she says. This exercise has helped three members of her team earn a recent success trip to Hawaii.


Mrs. Eom also believes it is important to win others’ hearts if you want to grow a team. She travels frequently to visit with her team members, and tries to establish pleasant memories for them by creating an atmosphere where they can relax, enjoy delicious food, and focus on what they like the most and are good at accomplishing. “I make people dream by instilling confidence in their success and by creating a blueprint for the future,” she says.


The true meaning of success to Mrs. Eom is having the entire group reach their goals. And she credits her team for helping her attain the success she now enjoys. She stays motivated by thinking about her downline, and feels she grows stronger as she works hard to help them fulfill their dreams. In fact, one of her biggest dreams is to reach the point of “sharing great success with others,” and she is committed to reaching this goal.