Willing to Be Willing

Willing to Be Willing


Dr. Benjamin Lo is a successful sales leader who first set his sights on the kind of life he wanted to create for himself and his family. He then took steady steps toward reaching his goals by consistently investing in his own growth and knowledge without worrying about the time it took to reach those goals. As he traveled this path to success, he practiced personal development and connected with his team, learned from successful leaders, and wasn’t afraid to make changes in himself and his life.


Ben’s Nu Skin journey began in December 2002 and has withstood various trials and transformations during his professional and personal life. He quickly learned from one of his key mentors, Artemis Limpert, that he had to be willing to be “bad enough long enough to be good enough.” In other words, he had to take consistent action and be willing to learn effective ways to reach his goals. This concept of willingness—being willing to change himself, his actions, and his thinking in order to reach the lifestyle he wanted—has been instrumental in his success. He admits he had to be willing to suspend his own perspective and try something new, to be willing to fail or be rejected, to show up consistently, and to trust and cooperate with something bigger than himself. He also had to have the “willingness to keep going and keep improving and to let my experience be an example to others just as others’ experiences were examples and models for me.”


Opening the Door to New Freedom


Driven by a strong sense to create a new level of freedom for himself and his family and to open this same door of possibility to others, Ben managed to work on adding customers and team members to his Nu Skin business alongside other endeavors. When he first joined Nu Skin, he was a physician working for a group of home birth family and wellness care specialists in the Chicago area. He delivered over 500 babies, including his own children. But his work and long hours took a heavy toll. Rachelle was frequently alone with their children and Ben often missed holidays and social gatherings. Eighteen months after joining Nu Skin, he and Rachelle sold their home and moved to Michigan, where he transitioned out of medicine. “I realized that I loved working with people to expand the possibilities they saw in their lives, and to empower them to take more ownership of their lives and choices,” he says. In addition to putting continuous effort into his Nu Skin business, to add income, Ben also invested in real estate and learned to market and provide life, wellness, and personal transformation coaching. In a few years they also expanded their family from three children to six, eventually adding a seventh.


Keeping His Sight on His Goals


Ben’s Nu Skin journey is one that demonstrates the power behind steady and long-term effort. He continued to nurture his business and add to his personal growth for several years as he worked to reach the higher levels of the company—accomplishments that did not happen right away. Although his life has become even more rewarding than when he was putting in so many hours as a physician in Chicago, he did not reach Blue Diamond status until recently. He actually became a Diamond Executive during a time when he faced serious financial challenges and had to move his family to a very small home. However, he never lost sight of what he wanted to achieve, nor did he ever consider quitting. “It was always a matter of learning to upgrade my own thinking and skills and finding a way to move forward,” he says. “Some of our most precious experiences together as a family and in my business were during this time of transition…when we were still living in a two-bedroom cottage and creating a life of abundance and prosperity within—even though to outward eyes our circumstances looked very limited.”


Learning to connect with people and expand his spheres of influence have been key to Ben. His blog and personal coaching created a wider community in which he could interact with people. The development of social media in the last few years became a new avenue for him to connect with other professionals, resulting in more partners and customers. At the same time, one of his biggest lines, which has subsequently grown internationally, resulted when Ben met new people in the local community. “I think the biggest thing is to find the avenues you enjoy enough to be willing to develop consistency and skill in that arena, and then your sowing will bear fruit,” he points out.


Nu Skin leaders continually provide knowledge as well as motivation to Ben. He loves the analogy that building a Nu Skin business is like pushing a boulder uphill. If you stop pushing and let go, the boulder will roll back down—and your whole team will unravel. But if you keep going—if you continue adding leaders and long-term team members—eventually, the boulder will crest the hill and roll down the other side of the hill with growing force. It represents just how a distributor’s early work leverages previous momentum to pave the way for creating an ever-growing business in the months and years ahead. The momentum Ben and Rachelle have created thanks to their consistent effort has been powerful—they are now Million Dollar Circle Members [i].


Celebrating the Journey


Although Ben is always looking for people interested in learning about the business, customers are a big part of his overall success. “I’ve always added customers along the way who were looking for a natural [health] solution but not necessarily a business, and we’re learning to integrate both more and more powerfully,” he explains. “A business prospect who has a powerful product experience will be much more engaged than one who simply has a head knowledge of the business.”


Key to Ben and Rachelle’s success has been their focus and vision. “Goal setting and achieving has been an ongoing growth process for me,” he says. “Rachelle and I tend to develop an overall vision—often through conversations, pictures, and journaling—and then I set specific business and personal targets that relate to that vision.” He then holds that goal until it manifests, whether it is for the two of them or for his team, and creates concrete steps he can implement along the way to make the goal a reality. Their dream going forward is to see many more people progress toward their own dreams as part of the community and partnership made possible by Nu Skin.


And key to Ben’s enjoyment of his Nu Skin journey is celebrating small victories. “Rachelle and I have learned to celebrate special moments all along the way so we can experience creating and living a successful life on an ongoing basis, rather than have success just be something that happens after we achieve something.” ■


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[1] Million Dollar Circle Members are distributors who have earned over one-million dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. In 2013 the average commission paid to U.S. Active Distributors was $176.00 monthly ($2,112.05 annualized).  In 2013 the average percentage of Active Distributors that earned commissions at the highest level (Blue Diamond) was 0.19 percent. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a Distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For a complete summary of distributor compensation paid at all levels within the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 800-487-1000 or go visit http://www.nuskin.com/content/dam/global/library/pdf/distearnings.pdf online.