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As we age, our skin starts to feel more rough and facial radiance fades due to a decrease in cell turnover. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to form and we lose facial firmness. Our pores may become more prominent as a result. Fortunately, with the proper care and the right tools, we can keep our skin looking youthful and healthy as we age.


Targeting the Signs of Aging with ageLOC Me

Partnering with a third party, Nu Skin evaluated ageLOC Me on its ability to target signs of aging. Two groups of 30 female subjects each used two of the leading serum combinations from our ageLOC Me system. These participants (50% Asian and 50% Caucasian) were selected based on their compatibility with the needs of the study and randomly assigned to one of the two serum combinations for 12 weeks after spending four weeks on the calibration serum set. Clinical grading and self-assessment evaluations of anti-aging criteria were taken at various points of time throughout the duration of the 16-week study.


Notable Improvements in Skin Appearance

A clinical grader noted significant visible improvements in participants’ skin aging characteristics such as the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, facial firmness, smoothness, skin tone evenness, noticeability of pores, skin spots (discoloration), and brightness. In fact, the clinical graders were able to identify improvements in skin smoothness in 100% of the subjects while they noted improvements in the appearance of fine lines and overall firmness in 97% by the end of the study!


The subjects themselves also noticed improvements, which were captured through self-assessment questionnaires. They noted significant improvements in the same characteristics the clinical grader had identified. An impressive number of subjects also noticed visible improvements in the appearance of their moderate to deep lines and wrinkles, smile/frown lines, crow’s feet area, discoloration, and facial softness (see Figure 1). These more difficult anti-aging targets were reported to have a statistically significant change over baseline in the percentages (illustrated in figure 2).



Figure 1. 16 weeks self-perception percent of subjects data


Figure 2. 16 weeks self-perception percent improvement over baseline data


As you can see, ageLOC Me serums have illustrated their ability to have a positive effect on the visible signs of aging—such as reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, promoting firmer-looking skin, reducing the appearance of skin discoloration, and improving skin softness.


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Written by:

K.C. Holley

Technical Communication & Education Manager

Personal Care



Portions of this article were summarized from a third-party independent professional assessment performed according to Standard Operating Procedures of the Organization.