Nu Year! Nu You! Making Habits That Will Last Past New Year’s

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Every year, millions of people around the world make New Year’s resolutions only to promptly forget them as soon as the New Year starts. But improvement takes work, and the New Year can be a great opportunity to gear up and discover a “Nu You". Here’s some tips to make (and keep) your New Year resolutions this year.


  • Start Early and Remember — Just because they’re called New Year resolutions, doesn’t mean you should only be thinking about them on New Year’s Eve. In fact, the best resolutions are those you think about ALL THE TIME. These are the ones that you’ll be dedicated to make happen, rather than a passing monthly fancy. And when you do think about an important goal, write it down! From sticky notes on your mirror to big bold letters on your calendar, you can only work on a goal if you remember it.


  • Keep Things Real — Big goals are great. But if you’re going to reach for the stars, be sure you have enough rungs on your ladder to get there. Small, reachable milestones will keep you on track without leaving you feeling overwhelmed. And to make sure you hit these goals, set small “consequences” for missing these goals by their set dates. How you hold yourself accountable is entirely up to you, just so long as the “punishment” or "award" is motivating enough to help you follow through with your original goal!


  • Measure Your Success — Speaking of small milestones, be sure to keep track of every step you take toward the "Nu You". Little wins make you feel good and can keep your motivation up, even when the end result may still seem far off. Keep track on a chart, in a journal, or with photos to follow your progress. There are even some tech and apps you can use to help.


    1. Fitness: Moov Now

    2. Finances: Mint

    3. Nutrition: MyFitnessPal

    4. Time/Productivity: Harvest


diary and weeklong calendar


  • Make It Personal — We all want to be the next big thing on Instagram. But setting that as a New Year’s resolution probably isn’t going to amount to much. Not only is it grandiose, it is also too general to really create any emotional investment. You’ll be far more likely to keep goals with real, personal importance to you and your life.


  • Be Specific — Like it or not, numbers make the world go around. Making a resolution such as “lose weight” is almost destined to fall flat. Set your goals using exact numbers. Don’t worry about surpassing yourself: these digits can and will change. The point is to stretch yourself with specific goals in mind that mean something. They should look something like this "I plan to lose 2 pounds by January 31 through healthy eating habits and exercising weekly." From there you will want to make small goals each week like we mentioned earlier. 


  • Maximize Your Results — Even the most successful people need a guide, or some help to reach their goals. Look into apps, Facebook groups, and even health products to help you reach your goal. Here are a few ideas:


  1. Beauty/hygiene goals:

    ageLOC LumiSpa

  2. Outdoor activity goals:

    Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment

    Epoch Firewalker Foot Cream

    Epoch IceDancer Invigorating Leg Gel

  3. Goals in the sun:

            Sunright SPF 50

  4. Health/Fitness goals:

            ageLOC TR90

            ageLOC Youth



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Every step you take brings you closer to the Nu you you’ve always wanted. But nothing will ever happen if you don’t get started.


If you need some help, check out for products that will inspire and support your New Year’s resolutions far beyond New Year’s eve day.